Terms of Reference – Professional Staff Management (Consultant)


Title of Post          :         Professional Staff Management for Improving the

Cooperation between Government of Indonesia with Islamic Development Bank

Location                :         Directorate of Multilateral Foreign Funding,  


Number                :         2 (two) persons

Duration of Post   :         12 Months



Improving the implementation of cooperation between Government of Indonesia with Islamic Development Bank


Islamic Development Bank (IDB)  is the one donor institution which has along period cooperation with Government of Indonesia. Implementation of the project funded by IDB based on syariah banking system. However, the development stakeholder in Indonesia is not familiar yet with the this system even though the majority of Indonesian citizen is Moslem.


Concerning to increase efficiency and effectiveness of cooperation between Government of Indonesia with IDB, the study will examine the mechanism of IDB financing project in Indonesia such as submission of the project proposal, project appraisal, negotiation and implementation of the projects.


To focus IDB case in the study come from many reason such as:  long relation ship between IDB and Indonesia which have been established for many years, the position of Indonesia as the biggest Moslem country, the unfamiliarity of syariah banking system for many stakeholder in Indonesia which cause the implementation of cooperation was unable to reach the optimum level.


The implementation of regional autonomy opens wide opportunities for the regional government to develop their regions. These conditions push the local government to search alternative source of fund. IDB is one of the potential  sources of fund that can be used for development in regional government. Therefore, the dissemination of IDB system is very important.


Output of the Activities

1.       Guideline of the implementation of IDB cooperation in Indonesia, including:  project cycle, procurement system, project preparation, start-up workshop, monitoring and evaluation, etc.

2.       Country Assistance Strategy Study (CASS) as a specific IDB Country Strategy for  Indonesia.


Duties and Responsibilities:

Under the supervision of Director of Multilateral Foreign Funding, the incumbent will:

1.         Assist  Bappenas to improving the cooperation mechanism between Government of Indonesia with IDB. Implementation of the study consist of desk study, workshop and focus group discussion.

2.         Keep track of and compile all relevant information on Indonesian laws and regulations that have direct  implications on the government loan management.

3.         Regular contact with data providers related to the implementation of the project which funded by IDB.

4.         Maintain and regularly update  data on publication, resources persons related to the study implementation.

Qualification Requirements

The successful candidates will be an Indonesian who meets the following criteria and performance dimensions:

1.         University degree in related disciplines (economy, economic development,  or syariah economic);

2.         Minimum  5 years experience on practical and  relevant professional in development contexts in Indonesia;

3.         Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English; and

4.         Previous experience with IDB projects  is a benefit.

5.         Well developed inter-personal skills, and proven ability at networking with government and donor agencies.

6.         S/he will also be able to perform under stress – also in circumstances when no immediate guidance may be available.